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Making Telehealth Accessible for Smaller & Physician-Owned Practices

By April 25, 2019March 25th, 2020No Comments
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By Mick Connors, M.D., Founder and CEO

Adopting the latest advances in technology does not always include a large price tag. In fact, the improved efficiency that telemedicine fosters in pediatric practices often results in added revenue. When combined with the low cost to implement telemedicine, the benefit to pediatricians, pediatric urgent cares and children’s hospitals is evident.

Andis Robeznieks of the American Medical Association examined specialties using telemedicine the most and noted “Telemedicine use is less common in smaller or physician-owned practices, the AMA survey of 3,500 physicians found, which suggests that cost of implementation is an impediment.”

With a web browser-based solution like Anytime Pediatrics, costly implementation is not a concern. Physicians only need access to Wifi and a computer with a camera and microphone. If your computer does not have a built-in camera, you have the ability to attach an affordable and easy to obtain camera that plugs in to the computer with little to no setup.

Behavioral health is a great first visit type to offer patients as you consider introducing the technology in your practice. The pediatric practices currently using telemedicine to connect with patients virtually find greater efficiency and fewer no-shows with ADHD appointments. Every other month, they schedule in-office appointments and setup virtual visits for the months in between. Psychiatrists are among specialists using telemedicine the most at 27.8%.

There are many other symptoms and conditions that are appropriate for treatment via telemedicine. Common illnesses like cold, flu, rash, and conjunctivitis can sometimes require a change in plans for families when a trip to the office is needed. With telemedicine, parents are able to quickly access care from anywhere. We have coded visits applicable for telemedicine with Bart Schmitt using Clear Triage to help appropriately advise nurses and other pediatric professionals.

You likely already have the equipment needed to offer your patients telemedicine.


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