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Top 5 Benefits of Virtual Pediatric Care

By August 12, 2020 No Comments

Did you know that patient leakage alone can cause a 6-7 figure revenue loss per year for some practices? As COVID-19 continues to stress the care continuum, implementing virtual pediatric care can add massive value to your clinic’s bottom line. Not only does a telemedicine solution improve cash flow, but with increased availability and smart routing capabilities, it also improves your quality of care by establishing deeper patient relationships from your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

With a virtual pediatric care solution, you can connect the right patient to the right provider at the right time. Pediatric telemedicine helps elevate the continuity of care to grow your clinical pediatric practice. Still unsure if telemedicine is right for your clinic? Here are the top benefits of virtual pediatric care.

Top 5 Benefits of Virtual Care

1. Care Calls

Through the implementation of a telehealth solution, your pediatric clinic can offer diagnoses and treatment through quick video calls and chat features using a smartphone, tablet or computer. clinicians can toggle their availability on and off to then monetize after-hours care calls! With virtual pediatric care, your team can streamline non-emergency appointments by opening up a new line of communication and clinical scheduling.

2. Fast Action Care

For some families, a doctor’s appointment requires additional time spent planning and traveling to the office, which often results in missed or cancelled appointments. With telehealth, your clinic can provide virtual pediatric care as soon as possible, without requiring the patient to plan their day around visiting your office. A digital health option gives your younger patients and their families the ability to get on the road to recovery as soon as possible, while reducing your lost and cancelled appointments.

3. Cut Back on Health Risks

In the past, in-house clinic visits included general check-ups for common health concerns. As COVID-19 continues to be a leading health risk, parents may feel less inclined to subject their child to potential exposure through an in-person appointment. By offering telehealth services, you can further minimize health risks for patients seeking primary and basic care services and check-ups!

4. Save Time to Create Time

Feeling overwhelmed by in-office patient visits? Consistently seeing in-person appointments for small, minor concerns can eat up hours of your provider’s time. A telehealth appointment is typically only 10 minutes and requires no travel time or working with a crowded waiting room, allowing you to schedule more appointments in the day.

5. Quality Care

Going digital does not mean the quality of your clinic’s care has to be impacted! By offering more accessible care to your patients, you and your physicians expand the continuity of care to result in better health outcomes and fewer missed appointments. As a physician, virtual pediatric care creates a safer space to make younger patients and their families feel more comfortable throughout their visit.

At Anytime Pediatrics, we’re here to help you serve your patients best. Our virtual pediatric care solution allows you to connect with patients in a way that’s convenient, safe and cost-effective for everyone. Contact us here and schedule a demo today!


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