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13 Questions All New Pediatric Practices Ask  

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1. How can I tell my patients about Anytime Pediatrics? 

  • Your Customer Success Manager will provide you with marketing materials to help boost patient awareness and adoption. This includes a branded brochure, poster, postcard, social posts, and an information landing page for your website. Patients can register in our system using your practice code.  
  • We also recommend that you remind your patients to login to the Anytime Pediatrics App or prior to their scheduled visit.  

2. I have completed training. Now what?  

  • Align internally on how you want to utilize Anytime Pediatrics – visit types, scheduling, triage.  
  • Let your patients know when telemedicine is an option for them and that you are now using Anytime Pediatrics for your virtual visits.  
  • Encourage patient registration on the platform.  
  • Jump right in.  

3. How can I be successful with virtual visits? 

  • Here are some tips from our team: 
    1. “Invest in quality technology, like high bandwidth internet and devices.” – Michael, QA Analyst   
    2. “Have a telemedicine champion who is committed to success.” – Angie, COO   
    3. “Be open minded and overcome resistance to change.” – Andrew, Marketing Director  
    4. “Reduce the size of the change and start small.” – Mick, CEO   
    5. “Know the platform, commit to consistency and figure out your workflow.” – Sarah, Customer Success      

4. Not all my clinicians want to do telemedicine. What do I tell them? 

  • We understand that this can be a drastic change, but we believe it is all in your mindset. Think of virtual visits as an extension of your practice and not as a replacement for in person visits. You might even learn more from patients in the comfort of their home.  
  • For clinicians who are hesitant, we recommend starting small. Maybe start by moving some of your medication checks or followup visits to telemedicine. This will help get yourself, staff, and patients more comfortable.  

5. I have scheduled my first appointment. Now what? 

  • Once the patient has logged in to the platform and selected “Start Visit,” the patient will appear in the virtual waiting room. From there, simply select the patient in the waiting room and begin your visit.  

6. I forgot my password. How do I reset it? 

7. What are on-demand visits? 

  • Ondemand visits are virtual “walkin” visits. If your practice has set hours within Anytime Pediatrics, patients can walk into your virtual waiting room without an appointment. This is a great way to expand your office hours or oncall services.  
  • Your practice’s admin and super clinician users can change your on-demand office hours by selecting Practice Admin –> Hours –> select your practice. Once you’ve updated the hours, be sure that you’ve checked the “Active” box for each day that you would like to be open to patients.  

8. What is admin mode and when should we use it?  

  • Admin mode is like your virtual front desk. When a patient walks into your virtual waiting room for an ondemand or scheduled visit, they will stay in the waiting room until routed to a clinician. Admins and Super Clinicians can route patients to other clinical users 
  • Admins and Super Clinicians can turn Admin-Mode on/off at any time. This can be done selecting Organization –> Practice –> Select your practice –> Select the “enable practice admin-model” check box. 

9. Our patients are struggling with the technology. How can we help them? 

  • We have a ton of great resources to help patients better understand the platform. Try sharing one of the below videos with your patients to help them access on desktop and mobile.  
    1. Mobile App Access Video Tutorials Mobile App Video Tutorial (English): 
    2. Mobile App Written Instructions (Spanish): 
    3. Computer Access Video Tutorials Computer Access Video Tutorial (English): 
    4. Computer Access Video Tutorial (Spanish): 
  • If patients are struggling with the registration process, we recommend having your staff register the patient while scheduling the appointment so the patient will receive the email to complete their registration process. We’ve also seen success from practices calling patients right before their scheduled visit to ensure they can access the platform and join the virtual waiting room.  
  • Did you know that patients can access our help site too? 

10. What is a super clinician? 

  • A super clinician has both admin and clinician permissions. Meaning they can route patients, view the entire practice’s virtual waiting room, and edit the practice office hours.  

11. How do we add new employees to Anytime Pediatrics? 

  • All new user requests should be sent to our support department who will be happy to add them to the Anytime Pediatrics platform. You can contact support by phone 615-722-7201, or send a message to 

12. How can I remove a duplicate patient account? 

  • Our support team must remove duplicate accounts. Please send us the name and email address of the account that needs to be deleted to If there are duplicate children under one account, then the parent can log in and remove children in their settings. 

13. What is Instant Invite and when should I use it?  

  • Instant Invite allows your Clinical Users to send a patient a quick text/email link to join a virtual visit. If the patient already exists in the platform, you will search for the patient using any of the search fields. If the patient does not already exist in the platform, you can “Add New Patient” by entering the patient name and DOB, and an email or phone number for the account. Once you have selected or added a patient, you can choose to send the Instant Invite by “SMS Text,” “Email,” or “Both.” 

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