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Get to Know the Anytime Pediatrics Support Team

By January 28, 2021No Comments

Get to know the amazing team behind our Anytime Pediatrics Support. Read below to learn more about Eileen and Todd at the office and a few fun facts. You can reach out to them via our support email, or at 615-722-7201 ext. 3.  

Where are you from? 

Eileen: Ottsville, Pennsylvania. A lovely suburb in Bucks County, PA close to Philadelphia.

Todd: Birmingham, Alabama

How long have you been with Anytime Pediatrics?

Eileen: 1 year in March

Todd: Since August 2020

What is your favorite product feature? 

Eileen: Instant Invite

Todd: Instant Invite

What’s your favorite part of working on the AP Customer Support team?

Eileen: Training new customers

Todd: Helping customers and patients with their technical troubles so they can have a positive experience

What’s one of your best customer support success stories?

Eileen: Troubleshooting with a 76 year old Grandmother who did not have any technical skills. We were able to figure out her computer settings, register her account on the platform, and successfully enter the waiting room for her Grandson’s telemedicine appointment. 

Todd: Troubleshooting with a user and she couldn’t get her camera to work for a visit or when testing camera and audio. I remoted into her computer and tested a few things out. I looked up the model of her computer and it turned out she had a manual webcam kill switch on the side of her computer she just needed to toggle. She toggled it and boom it started to work!

What’s your first travel destination once COVID is over?

Eileen: Definitely somewhere tropical like Aruba or Bermuda.

Todd: Somewhere warm in Florida 

Favorite work from home snack:

Eileen: Yogurt and fruit

Todd: Peanut butter and granola

If you could have one super power, what would it be?

Eileen: Being able to fly 

Todd: Time travel

Favorite Book/Movie/Show: 

Eileen:  The Lord of the rings trilogy 

Todd: Top Gun/ Narcos