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Virtual Care During The Holidays

By December 20, 2021No Comments

The hustle and bustle of the holidays is nothing new; but as my kids grow older, and our extended family grows larger, my number one goal during the holidays is to stay calm and do all that I can to sit back, relax, and enjoy—all while taking it all in. I know so many of you can relate. It seems like there is never a moment to breathe as the shopping lists and the to-do lists grow, and the stress level increases. While I’ve attempted to simplify things this time of year, I haven’t worked hard enough to perfect it yet.

Having a large extended family and the invitations that come with that are always nice to receive, except when we are dealing with what seems to be a never-ending pandemic. COVID has already hindered plans for many occasions, and with large gatherings expected during the holiday season, it puts extra worry into our minds. Don’t get me wrong, kids (and adults, too!) can share bad germs anytime during the year, but the fear of the unknown seems to linger these days.

We’re so lucky to have virtual telemedicine even when the pediatrician’s offices are closed during the holiday season. It seems that once the kids settle down and are out of school, the illnesses come knocking. While I boost up the vitamin C and try to keep the germs at bay, it’s comforting to know that no matter what our plans are, the convenience of the Anytime Pediatrics app is always there.

Christmas Eve has always been the “Big” holiday in our family since I was a child. Over the years, things have changed. Especially since COVID, many of our traditions have since been revised. This year, we’ve decided to continue to participate in the smaller, more intimate type gatherings. My husband and I will be volunteering at a local children’s hospital during the day, followed by a visit with some family friends, and a traditional Italian feast of the seven fishes dinner at my parents.

Being a family with five young children, you can imagine how the Christmas magic is so alive in our home. Opening gifts on Christmas Eve with family members, Nana and Poppy, and then waking up to Christmas gifts from Santa brings such excitement. My husband and I enjoy watching the kids play with all their new toys throughout Christmas Day. And as the day goes on, and the peace and calm settle in, it honestly warms my heart and is one of my favorite parts of being a parent.

Afterward we pack up and travel to a ski resort or on an exciting adventure during the break from school. This year, we’re undecided on our exact location but know that even if we are far away, our pediatricians are within reach! Having that link to our children’s healthcare provider takes the worry and hassle away when something even as simple as a rash occurs. Last year, my son had a reaction to the chlorine in the pool while we were traveling, and a simple video call on the Anytime App was so much easier and more convenient than going to an unfamiliar urgent care “walk -in” type office. I’ve also learned there are pharmacies across the US that you can have a prescription filled on the fly, if needed. The healthcare conveniences are growing; and as a parent, it is such a benefit to not have to jump through hoops when our children are sick or have a minor injury while on vacation.

We’ve had many close calls with bumps and bruises from the endless school activities, sports, and running and playing–kids will be kids, right? And, parents will be parents–always worrying! But, with the conveniences of virtual care, such as the Anytime Pediatrics App, you can sit back and relax during those dream vacations and holiday breaks and make memories without the worry!

Wishing you all nothing but good health and happiness this Holiday Season!