The Top Pediatric Care (Game) Changers

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By Zac Litwack, GoCheckKids

Like a massive earthquake, when someone “changes the game,” it is felt around the world. It is revolutionary, thought-provoking, and inspirational.

What game-changers come to your mind? For me, it was Michael Jordan changing the way basketball teams operate, Henry Ford changing the way we get from one place to another, and Jeff Bezos changing the way we purchase goods. The world looks different because of them.

However, game changers come in all shapes and sizes.

… In fact, there are pediatric vendors who are transforming the way [pediatricians] provide care, and among all these companies, I’ve identified the seven who are true “Care Changers.”

Read the article, including “Future Care Changer” #6: Anytime Pediatrics.

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