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Reassurance From Home: A Parent’s Perspective

By October 25, 2021No Comments

Covid-19. A topic that is hard to avoid when it is endlessly discussed on social media, the news, and in general conversations at school drop off AND during pickup.  It’s here, and it doesn’t seem to be going away. The scariest part now is that it seems to be affecting kids more with pediatric cases on the rise across the country. While masks continue to be required at school, and social distancing ongoing, it seems to be inevitable.  As we prepare for that dreadful call from the school nurse: “Mrs. Ryan, your child may have been exposed to a classmate that tested positive,” we have a plan of action set in place and ready to go.  

I rely heavily on the support and guidance of our pediatrician. I always have. When that time came and the alerts/information began appearing on my phone, I sat with many unanswered questions. 

What am I to do now?  

I can cry out of frustration and ask my husband what he thinks.  He often has the same response, “Everything will be okay!” 

I need to hear from the professionals. I have five children in my home and elderly family members who are in and out regularly. That makes over seven people potentially affected by one innocent, possibly even asymptomatic, classmate.   

I quickly call our pediatric office and am comforted by the front desk staff. The receptionist recommends a telemedicine appointment to discuss the plan further with a physician. Working diligently on the computer, she quickly arranges a virtual visit. Within minutes, I am connected to our doctor using the Anytime Pediatrics App.

While my children showed no symptoms, the doctor discussed what to look out for, how to boost our immune systems, how to keep our friends and family safe when interacting with us, and how to fast-track a Covid test should the need arise before the end of our quarantine. 

I am immediately put at ease once we hang up from our video call.  

I knew we’d continue to ride it out in the safety of our own home and could be instantly reconnected to our pediatrician if needed.  

How lucky are we to have the convenience of virtual visits right in our own home? 

As parents, we never stop worrying about our children.  

What will happen next?  

While there are so many reasons to love fall, it’s the season of sniffles, sore throats, headaches, belly aches, and coughs.  

When does it end… NEVER!  

There is ALWAYS something!  

When one of the kids isn’t well, I wonder: is it the flu, a cold, an allergy, strep? Having a pediatrician who is easily accessible from their home or office while we are at home is a parent’s dream! Why drag my child to an after-hours clinic to be told it is just an allergy?  

Exposure to unnecessary illness can be completely prevented thru an easily accessible Anytime Pediatrics App from your phone, tablet, or computer. I am able to keep my other children home during a late night fever (or anytime of day for that matter!).  If it warrants an actual visit to the doctor I can plan accordingly without a panic or rush out of the house. I am forever grateful to our pediatric office for implementing this amazing service.  

Thank you to our pediatrician’s and the services of Anytime Pediatrics for helping me to keep calm and stay cozy as the cool, crisp weather trickles in. Wishing you all pumpkin spice and everything nice. And most importantly, healthy and happy children during this fall season.