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About Us

Welcome to Anytime Pediatrics, the premier provider of pediatric telehealth services. Founded in 2016 by Dr. Mick Connors, MD, we offer two key services: Anytime Telehealth and Anytime After Hours, ensuring high-quality pediatric care that’s accessible and convenient.

Our Leadership Team


Stephanie Rose-Belcher, DBA

Stephanie, CEO of Anytime Pediatrics, leverages over three decades of experience spanning health insurance, healthtech, and fintech. Her strategic vision and innovation drive the success of companies under her leadership. In executive roles, she focuses on product development, operational efficiency, and customer experience, while also teaching at NYU Wagner and mentoring aspiring professionals. Stephanie holds a doctorate in Business Administration, a Master’s in Management Leadership, and a bachelor’s in Business Administration, reflecting her strong educational foundation.


Joshua Goldstein

Josh, as the CFO of Anytime Pediatrics, oversees all financial operations with precision, from reporting to managing revenue cycles. With a diverse background in sectors like SaaS, consumer packaged goods, and biotech, he’s well-versed in the dynamics of venture-backed startups. Josh’s expertise extends from the investment industry, where he played a crucial role in managing public equity mutual funds. Educated at Brown University with a BA in political science and an MBA from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, he holds the prestigious CFA charter, bringing invaluable knowledge and strategic insight to his role.

Chief Medical Advisor

William Feaster, MD, MBA, MJ, CHCIO, CDH-E, FCHIME

Dr. Feaster’s extensive career encompasses pediatric critical care, anesthesia, and medical executive roles, with over a decade each at Stanford University School of Medicine and Children’s Hospital Orange County (CHOC). As Vice President and Chief Health Information Officer at CHOC, he led pioneering initiatives in analytics and population health platforms, earning national recognition and prestigious awards. Transitioning from full-time duties, Dr. Feaster now specializes in healthcare consulting, focusing on innovation and artificial intelligence integration.


Teddy Kelly

As the Chief Technology Officer at Anytime Pediatrics in Nashville, Teddy leverages over 15 years of software engineering expertise and strategic leadership. He specializes in orchestrating software solutions across platforms like cloud computing and mobile development. Throughout his career, Teddy has driven transformative changes in technology architecture, reducing operational costs and ensuring smooth transitions during critical acquisitions. Holding a BBA in Enterprise Information Systems from the University of North Alabama, accredited by ABET, Teddy’s commitment to innovation continues to shape his journey as a technology leader at Anytime Pediatrics.

VP of Business Development

Charlie Cressman

Charlie Cressman brings extensive expertise in healthcare marketing, sales, and operations to our team. Co-founding Revenue Advantage, Inc. in 2004, he led the company’s innovative interactive voice and text messaging services until its acquisition by RevSpring Inc. in 2015. Continuing as a general manager at RevSpring, Charlie later transitioned into real estate management and small-scale private equity ventures.

Director of Triage Services

Cayce Branyon

Cayce Branyon, Director of Triage Services at Anytime Pediatrics, boasts over 18 years of nursing expertise, particularly in remote telephone triage. Beyond nursing, Cayce is an entrepreneur who founded her own remote triage nursing business in 2019, leading to a partnership with Anytime Pediatrics. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas at Arlington, and a member of the American Association of Ambulatory Care Nursing, Cayce’s blend of nursing experience, entrepreneurship, and outdoor passion defines her role as a remarkable leader at Anytime Pediatrics.

Director of Client Services

Eileen Foley

Eileen brings over 10 years of customer service experience in various healthcare roles to her position as Director of Client Services at Anytime Pediatrics. Joining the team in 2020, she initially served in tech support, swiftly rising through the ranks due to her dedication and expertise. Since then, Eileen has taken on numerous responsibilities, from conducting training sessions to crafting informative newsletters and hosting engaging webinars. Her proudest accomplishment is spearheading the development of the Anytime Help Site, a vital resource for customers and their patients.

Director of Nursing Operations

Emily Smith

Emily Smith is the Director of Nursing Operations at Anytime Pediatrics, bringing over 13 years of combined nursing experience in the emergency department and remote pediatric telephone triage. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Anderson University, Emily‘s career has been defined by a dedication to both patient care and education. In 2019, she co-founded an after-nurse triage company with Cayce Branyon, a venture that eventually merged with Anytime Pediatrics.

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