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ADHD & Telehealth

Pediatric Telemedicine White Paper

Learn how virtual behavioral health visits using previsit data collected by CHADIS can create efficiency in your practice.

Though telehealth visits can be uniquely challenging, there are many benefits to providing virtual care that outweigh any difficulties. Telehealth allows the clinician to observe their patients’ behaviors with people they are comfortable with—parents, pets or siblings—and watch their interactions. It allows a bird’s-eye view into their personal environment and offers a glimpse into other social determinants of patient health that aren’t visible in a clinical environment and accessible for both parties.

No travel time for patients or clinicians makes essential, repeated visits more feasible

Follow-Up Virtual Visits
Educational handouts, including patient-specific resources, are delivered to the CHADIS Portal to the patient who is alerted via text or email.

In This White Paper, You’ll Learn How Telemedicine Care Can:

✔   Improve ADHD screening processes in children

✔   Expand treatment methods outside of a clinical setting

✔   Streamline patient monitoring and on-going care

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