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Keeping Your Patients Connected When Your Office is Closed

Reduce patient wait times and enable your patients to receive quality care when your practice is closed. Our experienced nurses deliver compassionate, after-hours nursing advice that you can trust. Answering in the name of your practice, our nurses utilize Barton-Schmitt protocols to deliver the highest quality, after- hours care. Calls are answered directly by qualified pediatric registered nurses who can use video and photos to enhance triage and reduce ED visits.

Everything Your Practice Needs for After-Hours Nurse Triage Care

Phone Triage with the addition of video and photos

Nurse First: All calls are answered by a nurse in the name of your practice

Experienced Staff: Five years of ER or Pediatric Triage Experience

Patient Routing to clinicians for telehealth visits

Real-time Documentation at your fingertips

Calls securely recorded and audited for quality assurance

The Better Way for After-Hours Care

Experienced Nurses:

Team of highly-qualified and experienced registered nurses who receive on-going call review and training.

Video & Images for the Nurse:

Our nurses use telehealth for 5 to 10% of all triage calls – lowering the number of patients who need to be referred to the ED.

Anytime Nurse Triage Platform:

Call summary, triage notes, and dispositions can be downloaded into your EMR. Directly controlling your on-call schedule.

Generate Practice Revenue:

Nurses can route patients via our platform to one of your physicians for a virtual visit.

Is It Time to Switch to Better After-Hours Care?

Did you know that over 80% of after-hours nurse calls are made based on parent worry and do not need hands-on care?

When it comes to after-hours pediatric care, it’s crucial to differentiate between callers who need to talk with you immediately and those who can wait until the following day. Having to manage this within your practice doors means less time off for your clinicians who are always on call, and your office staff who is trying to meet patient concerns while managing clinician schedules.

If your practice is in need of the following improvements to your after-hours care, connect with us!

  • Lower wait times
  • Nurses can see your patients virtually
  • Reduce ED visits
  • Calls are not rolled to on-call clinician during peak times
Connect with Us

Additional Information

For additional questions, please contact us. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

What training and background have the nurses completed?

All nurses have a minimum of five years ER experience along with telephone triage experience. 

What are their Emergency Department referral rates?

5% of calls have the disposition Go to ED Now, compared to the national call center average of 14%.

What types of practices and specialties can use Anytime Pediatrics?

Anytime Pediatrics works with individual pediatricians, pediatric group practices, pediatric clinically integrated networks, pediatric urgent cares, and children’s hospitals. Imagine a network of pediatric care centered around the medical home.

Is Anytime Pediatrics HIPAA compliant and encrypted?

Yes. Our solution is securely encrypted and all information is protected and shared in accordance with HIPAA compliance standards.

What is the call workflow and how are times of high volume handled?

We dynamically add coverage to high volume call times. Patient calls go directly to a nurse and if there isn’t a nurse available at the time, the caller will leave a voicemail for the nurse to return their call. 13% of our calls go to voicemail during times of high call volume; however, we do not roll calls to the MDs.

How does Anytime After Hours work with my Answering Service?

No answering service is needed – we cover this as well.

Will I have access to tech support over the long term?

Yes, we are here to support the technology solution and should you run into issues, we want to help. You will have options based on how much support you need.