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Autism Care via Telehealth

Pediatric Telemedicine White Paper

Tips for Caring for Patients with Possible Autism via Telehealth

The same transparency that telehealth facilitates also creates more opportunities for the clinician to advocate for their patient. Clinicians can ask them, for example, to show how they take their prescription medicine and then ensure they are taking the correct dose in the right way, which can be lifesaving.

Longitudinal follow-ups essentially assess support and how therapy is going. As pediatricians, you have a significant role to play in autism care. Some of the ways telehealth impacts long-term care are the ability to ask questions and access areas of educational support, therapy support, behaviors, progress and more.

In This White Paper, You’ll Learn How Providing Virtual Behavioral Care Can:

    • Expand access to care to patients in rural, marginalized communities
    • Offer new ways of patient engagement and determine new methods of care
    • Maximize the space to connect privately with patients and their families
    • Improve long-term care by streamlining longitudinal follow-up

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