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Anytime Pediatrics for Urgent Care Clinics

Anytime Pediatrics is a technology solution that enables you to collaborate with local pediatricians and easily allow patients to connect with your urgent care. The Anytime Pediatrics technology fosters the physician-patient relationship and the ability to maintain local trusted networks of care. Improve access for patients, partner with pediatricians and ensure children receive the pediatric care they need and trust.

Our solution is different because we believe in the power of keeping care local. We partner with board-certified pediatric offices, pediatric urgent cares and children’s hospitals in communities nationwide, so if a pediatrician’s schedule does not allow them to connect with patients, they can be routed to a trusted pediatric partner.

Partnering with Anytime Pediatrics:

  • Supports patient satisfaction
  • Promotes continuity of care
  • Creates opportunities for new revenue generation
  • Collaborate with local pediatric practices

More than a platform – we want to help you succeed by offering a solution complete with:

  • Provider and staff training
  • Marketing content & tools
  • Workflow customization
  • Ongoing support
  • Network building support

How It Works

Our telemedicine platform helps you deliver the ease and convenience patients want — on your schedule and your terms. Here’s how it works:

Before You Start

  • Choose the days, hours and types of visits you will offer via telemedicine
  • You may route calls to an admin or nurse to prepare a patient prior to your visit
  • Establish routing preferences
  • Share billing and payment setup
  • Triage – add telemedicine to what you are able to provide via telephone to your after hours triage partner or have nurses triage during the daytime

01. Patient initiates visit

Patient joins via the Anytime Pediatrics website or mobile app, using a smart phone, tablet or computer. Offer you patients the option for walk-in and scheduled visits for:

  • Minor illnesses, like cold & flu
  • Rash
  • Laceration

02. Call is routed based on preference

When a request comes in when you are not available, they can be routed to a pediatric partner of your choice.

03. Provider receives a notification

You are notified when a virtual visit request comes in on a day and time when you have designated availability.

04. Telemedicine visit

The visit is conducted quickly and easily via video. Provide care, advise on follow-up care and more with the convenience of telemedicine.

05. Complete visit & make notes

Record notes from your visit in the physician portal and easily share with their primary provider or add to the patient’s medical record.

Why Telemedicine?


76% of patients prioritize access to care over the need for an in-person visit.

American Hospital Association


77% of patients want access to virtual care.

The Advisory Board, 2017

What Physicians Are Saying

Anytime Pediatrics offers a smart combination of telemedicine technology and my telephone triage protocols. I’m excited to be working with Anytime Pediatrics to help parents, pediatricians and pediatric nurses interact in cost-effective, innovative ways.

Dr. Bart SchmittSchmitt Pediatric Guidelines LLC

Anytime Pediatrics is taking telemedicine in a new direction.

Dr. Anastasiaphysician partner

Anytime Pediatrics is a 'win' for all involved – patient, family, primary care provider, and the healthcare system as a whole. The model leverages the widespread use of technology to observe the child and discuss next steps with the family, all with lesser costs (not just financial) for the family and the system, while maintaining their connection to the medical home.

Chris Pruitt, MD

Built By a Pediatrician, For Pediatricians

A Pediatric and Fatherly Perspective

As a pediatric emergency physician, I am biased toward children needing expert pediatric care when they are ill or injured. Why am I biased? It’s pretty easy to see when you spend time in a pediatric emergency department and have seen the changes in pediatric care over the last 25 years. Telemedicine is a way to help pediatric care.

Clinically, children are not the easiest to diagnose, and their illnesses can be difficult to identify by those trained only in adult medicine. Subtle clues, anxious parents, non-verbal patients and different presentations of illness all add to the complexity. Providers without training rely on more lab tests, over utilization of radiology and err on the side of prescribing medication when faced with uncertainty. I have seen patients who have been to multiple providers often before they come to a pediatric emergency department. Cases range from a simple missed ear infection or diagnosis of croup to children who have progressed to serious condition and ICU intervention. Kids are not small adults. They need pediatric care.

In the last ten years, we have spent less time talking to pediatricians and much more time talking to parents who have been to retail clinics, non-pediatric urgent cares and now random telemedicine offerings. Parents are seeking convenience but sacrifice the quality and continuity of pediatric care their child deserves. Parents recognize this sacrifice only after they go to other offerings and see the lack of expertise before they eventually come to the ED.  Unfortunately, minor illnesses and parental anxiety result in unnecessary ED visits. I see countless cases of concerns for rash, congestion, diarrhea or minor cuts that could easily be cared for not only outside the ED but via telemedicine.

I see firsthand the need to improve access to pediatric care and foster the connection of a worried parent with a pediatrician. Anytime Pediatrics was created with the goal of using technology to improve care and foster the medical home and the pediatric medical neighborhood. We seek to partner with pediatricians, pediatric urgent care clinics and children’s hospitals to connect local pediatric networks.

Telemedicine technology can and should help get kids better care.

Mick Connors, MD
Mick Connors founder CEO Anytime Pediatrics telemedicine software app virtual care pediatricians healthcare providers parents children kids

Let us help you provide access to pediatric care anytime and anywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For additional questions, please contact us. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

What is Anytime Pediatrics?

Anytime Pediatrics is a telemedicine solution designed for the pediatrician on a mission to foster the local pediatric network. Our platform exists to connect patients and preferred pediatric partners in a way that ensures patient and provider satisfaction, high quality care, and continuity of care. Our simple, easy-to-use technology can be accessed from anywhere, using a smart phone, tablet or computer.

How is Anytime Pediatrics different from others in the telemedicine space?

Anytime Pediatrics is differentiated from others in the telemedicine space in three important ways:

  • Our “Software as a Solution (SaaS)” model helps physicians build their pediatric urgent care thru collaboration – not competition.
  • We believe in the power of keeping care local. This is why we work with board-certified pediatric practices and pediatric partners nationwide. If patients aren’t able to connect to their provider, we want them to be routed to trusted pediatric partners, like a pediatric urgent care or children’s hospital.
  • Anytime Pediatrics was designed for pediatricians by a pediatrician, who understands that children need and benefit from specialized care that isn’t often found at the retail clinic on the corner. Kids need pediatric care from a trusted provider.

What types of practices and specialties can use Anytime Pediatrics?

Anytime Pediatrics works with individual pediatricians, pediatric group practices, pediatric clinically integrated networks, pediatric urgent cares and children’s hospitals. Imagine a network of pediatric care partnered with the medical home.

Is Anytime Pediatrics HIPAA compliant and encrypted?

Yes. Our telemedicine platform is securely encrypted and all information is protected and shared in accordance with HIPAA compliance standards.

What if I have limited time or resources to staff a telemedicine program?

Anytime Pediatrics gives you complete control and options on how you want to provide telemedicine. You choose the hours, how to schedule, and what types of visits you’ll provide via telemedicine. Our solution also allows you to partner with other pediatric practices and/or children’s hospitals to help provide patient care.

How are health insurance claims handled with Anytime Pediatrics?

Each practice, state and region handles insurance reimbursement differently. Anytime Pediatrics will collaborate with you and your practice to determine if and how best to handle each scenario. If insurance is billed, the billing is done by the practice. We do take credit cards if the service is not covered. Your practice can set the fee for uncovered services.

Does Anytime Pediatrics provide any type of reporting or analytics?

Yes. Anytime Pediatrics can provide reports specific to call type, duration, and provider. Additional data is available as needed, and we have developed post-visit surveys for patients.

What will my patients’ experience be like when using this technology?

Whether accessing Anytime Pediatrics via our website or mobile app, the user/parent/guardian experience is a simple, speedy and intuitive one. Requesting a virtual visit only requires three simple steps:

01. New users register for their free Anytime Pediatrics account by simply sharing their email address, creating and confirming a password and clicking “Submit.”  Returning users login quickly and easily using their email address and password.

02. New users are asked to share a bit about themselves, including:

  • Name and contact information
  • Health insurance provider and policy number (optional)
  • Pediatrician’s name and contact information (so that we can route the appointment request appropriately)
  • Payment information

03. The user then sets up the child’s profile, telling us:

  • The child’s name, birthdate, gender, height and weight, and about any allergies, current medications and medical conditions
  • Chief complain and why care is being sought is identified, with an option to upload photos that may be helpful in diagnosing and / or treating the child

That’s it! With a quick click of the “Request Visit” button, the appointment is requested and the user’s video appointment should be initiated shortly.

How much does it cost for patients to use Anytime Pediatrics?

Anytime Pediatrics lets you decide what your patients will pay for all types of virtual care visits. Our experienced team is happy to provide best-practice-based guidance as needed, but ultimately, our clinical partners have complete control.

How much does it cost for my practice to use Anytime Pediatrics?

The cost of our solution is primarily based on a per call fee, so you can pay as you utilize the service. Our goal is to keep costs really low so the pediatrician retains most of the reimbursement. To learn more about large practice / network pricing, please contact us.

Do I need special equipment to use Anytime Pediatrics?

No. Physicians can access Anytime Pediatrics by using a computer with a camera. Patients may access telemedicine with Anytime Pediatrics through our mobile app on a smartphone or tablet.

Will I need to be trained to use Anytime Pediatrics?

Yes, but training is easy and doesn’t take long – it is typically two hours or less. We will train you and your team (administrative, clinical, etc.) on both telemedicine best practices and how to use our software.

Will I have access to tech support over the long term?

Yes, we are here to support the technology solution and should you run into issues, we want to help. You will have options based on how much support you need.

Can I white label Anytime Pediatrics to leverage my brand?

Yes, white labeling is an option. For more on this, let’s talk.

How do I make sure my patients know I offer virtual care?

Anytime Pediatrics will provide marketing materials for patients and parents. We can also offer tips for spreading the word through digital channels, like social media.

Pediatric providers and professionals are invited to subscribe to our blog Anytime Resources for Pediatrics to receive updates on trends and helpful information.