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10 Reasons Anytime Pediatrics is the #1 Choice for Pediatricians & Families

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It’s no surprise that the telehealth industry has grown exponentially. In fact, in March alone, the use of telehealth services increased by 154%. Rather than being a short-term response to the coronavirus pandemic, many clinics are now implementing long-term telemedicine strategies to continue providing convenient options for care moving forward. 

Why is telehealth worth the investment? For some clinics, it’s being able to expand patient access to high-quality care from the comfort of their home. For others, telehealth allows their team to ensure continuity of care while maximizing revenue from after-hour care calls.   

Anytime Pediatrics Grows Alongside Your Clinic to Meet Patient and Industry Needs 

“Anytime Pediatrics is very user friendly and supplied helpful training sessions and resources to us when first implementing. They have been able to provide exceptional Customer Service despite the whirlwind that the COVID pandemic placed on their business. Knowing that Anytime Pediatrics continues to evolve from the practical vision of a Pediatric Emergency Medicine physician who knows the needs of our industry is a huge plus.” Barbara Periard, MD, Forest Hills Pediatric Associates

It Improves Our Ability to Care While Enhancing Revenue 

“It’s improved our ability to care for children, while enhancing revenue, and we’re also getting paid for on-call advice that we were providing anyway.” Russell Libby, MD, FAAP, Virginia Pediatric Group 

We Increase Patient Access to Deliver the Care Every Child Deserves 

“We earned our entire year’s cost of Anytime Pediatrics, for 8 pediatricians, in 6 days. This is another tool to increase patient access and help us deliver the kind of care that everyone deserves.” Jane Wilkov, MD, Dekalb Pediatric Center 

Our Whole Staff Benefits from Improved Access to Care 

“We all love Anytime Pediatrics – the platform continues to work very well; my staff has fully bought into it. Patients are grateful; and so far everybody has figured out how to get on – even people who never seem to be able to figure out how to come to our office (i. e. who frequently no-show).” Dr. John Dallenbach, East Elm Pediatrics 

In-Depth Support Got Us Up and Running in No Time 

“When COVID hit, all of the physicians in One Pediatrics realized very quickly the immediate need for telemedicine to meet the needs of our patients and help keep our practices afloat. Fortunately, Anytime Pediatrics was able to get our group up and running in RECORD time over a few days so we could continue to serve as our patient’s Medical Home in the middle of the pandemic shut-down. The process was smooth and painless—-our families and staff could not be happier with the service!” Patrick Hynes, MD, FAAP, Prospect Pediatrics, ONE Pediatrics 

User-Friendly Application Allows Us Access to In-Depth Treatment Plans from Home 

“First time users, very straightforward application to use. Dr. Hogarth is wonderful, we had a great chat where she addressed all our questions and provided us with a good treatment plan for our daughter. We are highly satisfied.” Patient at Town Center Pediatrics 

The Teleconnections Works Extremely Well 

Excellent. Dr. Baugh, as always, is thorough and caring. The teleconnection worked extremely well!” Patient at Virginia Pediatric Group 

The Easy-to-Use System Makes Mapping Our Child’s Care Plan Simple   

“Accessing the system was very easy and user friendly. Dr. Herron is absolutely amazing. Directions for next steps were clear and the chat feature was helpful in taking notes.” Patient at Tanque Verde Pediatrics

We Get High-Quality Care with No Waiting Room   

“Great service! Quick and easy! No hassle, no long waits! Awesome Doctor! Thank you, Dr. Berio!!!” Patient at Your Kids Urgent Care Florida 

Makes Check-Ups Hassle-Free 

“Tech worked perfectly and we LOVE doing med checks by telehealth!!!!!” Patient at Northwest Pediatrics, Inc. 

At Anytime Pediatrics, we believe in simplifying pediatric care for both our clinicians and patients. Our virtual care solution allows you to provide and access high-quality care anytime, anywhere. To learn more about how we can benefit you, contact us today! 

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