Pioneer in Pediatric Telemedicine Builds its Lead in the Pediatric Market

In a significant move to expand access and improve health care for all children, Anytime Pediatrics, the leader in pediatric telemedicine, announced today its first major innovations toward a complete virtual care portfolio—a portfolio that will continue to guide the way in meeting the needs of clinicians, families and patients to stay connected and drive trusted care.


“Today we move from a telemedicine solution to a complete Virtual Care Partner, with new features, functionality and a dual-product offering to support the broad needs of our network of pediatric clinicians, specialists and their patients,” says Dr. Mick Connors, M.D., co-founder and CEO of Anytime Pediatrics. “With Anytime Pediatrics Premier and the simplified Anytime Pediatrics Go, pediatric practices can choose either of our feature-rich solutions based on practice, patient and clinician needs.”

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