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Cutting Edge User of Telemedicine: Anytime Pediatrics Partner Profile

At Anytime Pediatrics, we’ve long considered our customers to be pediatric thought leaders and pioneers in the future of telemedicine. Now, we have data to back it up.  

Telemedicine rapidly evolved as the pandemic swept the country in 2020. In the midst of it all, we wanted to understand how pediatric offices are adapting to the shift, how it’s impacted their businesses, and whether or not they feel telemedicine is here to stay. To do so, we partnered with Health Mavens in early 2021 to conduct an online survey with a random sample of more than 750 pediatricians across the United States. As we had thought, the study’s results made clear that the experiences and attitudes surrounding telemedicine were much different among Anytime Pediatrics partners compared to users of other platforms. Let’s explore the key takeaways that prove Anytime Pediatrics partners are cutting edge users of telemedicine in the vast landscape of pediatric medicine.  

Cutting edge users of telemedicine  

  • Offer features for seamless patient experience. The study shows Anytime Pediatrics partners utilize Automated Scheduling Reminders and Online Bill Pay more than customers of other platforms. Automatic reminders and accessible online billing means our customers’ teams can spend less time on calls and more time focusing on patient care and other responsibilities.  
  • Wider variety of visit types. Anytime Pediatrics clinicians offer a wider array of telemedicine visit types: scheduled, instant and virtual walk ins. Patients of Anytime Pediatrics’ partners can not only schedule appointments ahead of time, but also “come in” virtually when an unexpected concern arises—a breakthrough feature in telemedicine.  
  • Keeping “sick visits” safe. Anytime Pediatrics customers are more likely to utilize telemedicine for sick visits than those using other platforms. This means patients are seen when they aren’t feeling well, while keeping contagious illness out of the practice during a pandemic.  
  • Looking to the future of telemedicine. It’s clear Anytime Pediatrics providers are invested in their patients’ virtual care experiences and know exactly what features benefit them the most. Specifically, the study shows Anytime Pediatrics customers are more likely to agree that innovations like peripheral device integrations (otoscopes), translation services during visits, and platform availability in multiple languages will improve virtual care. 
  • Value in unique platform features. Data shows Anytime Pediatrics customers value Flexible Workflows, Patient Initiated Visits and Recommendations by Pediatric Colleagues vs customers of other platforms.  

Greater and more varied access to care  

  • Multiple options to accommodate patient needs. Anytime Pediatrics gives users greater access to telemedicine support than other platforms. Those using Anytime Pediatrics can log in to appointments using a computer, mobile app, or a simple web link. This is important, as the research also showed more than half of patients are using a mobile smartphone app while clinicians typically use computers to access appointments.  
  • Double the accessibility to patients needing care. Anytime Pediatrics customers are twice as likely to be available after hours and on weekends in addition to regularly scheduled appointments. The study’s results show just how committed our partners are to prioritized, exceptional patient care.   
  • Unmatched scheduling convenience. Anytime Pediatrics customers are more willing to offer patient self-scheduling than customers of other software. The feature allows our partners to significantly reduce call volumes and hours of phone tag—and is just one reason why they’re on the cutting edge of telemedicine compared to users of other platforms. 

Improved Practice Revenue 

  • Revenue boosting technology. Anytime Pediatrics customers are more likely to agree that telemedicine can add to practice revenue. It’s no secret that seamless patient communication, varied access to care, and convenient options for patients lead to improved revenue cycles—our partners are utilizing telemedicine software to achieve just that.  
  • Unique features help to boost revenue. Anytime Pediatrics customers are more likely to utilize Virtual Walk-ins, which can add an additional 15 visits per clinician per month or up to $1200 in additional practice revenue. 

Superior Support 

  • Customer service that stands out. Anytime Pediatrics customers rate support from our platform almost two times better than non Anytime Pediatrics customers. Fast, reliable, and accessible customer service is a key component of our platform, and the study shows our partners value that promise. 

View the study to learn more. 

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