Dr. Kirti Sivakoti of Southwest Children’s Clinic On Virtual Care

We recently sat down with Dr. Kirti Sivakoti of Southwest Children’s Clinic in West Jordan, Utah to better understand her outlook on the current and future state of virtual care in pediatrics.

Dr. Sivakoti believes virtual care is here to stay because:

  1. Patients get care when and where they want it.
  2. Virtual care expands the pediatric practice with more ways to reach patients, especially for initial triage or follow-ups.
  3. Mental Health visits via telehealth work very well, specifically for discussing labs and answering medication questions.
  4. Telemedicine with Anytime Pediatrics is an innovation that has helped keep pediatric clinicians and patients connected during the pandemic. Dr. Sivakoti believes it is important to innovate to keep up with the challenges of the world, including a pandemic and beyond.
  5. Virtual care expands reach and makes patients happy, as many have asked specifically for virtual care. It serves the practice financially and facilitates practice growth.

Get Dr. Sivakoti’s full insight and outlook on virtual care in this video.

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