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Marketing for Pediatricians : How to Promote Your Telehealth Service

By June 27, 2022May 24th, 2024No Comments

Technology is booming, with millennials doing everything online and from their phones. Their lives have become intertwined with technology. They are effortlessly video chatting with friends and family, scheduling appointments, and ordering their groceries all from handheld devices. Thanks to the recent global pandemic, the older generations are not far behind. Over the last two years, everyone has been forced to transition their daily interactions from in-person to virtual in order to maintain communication and connection. Schools, workplaces, and family gatherings have all mastered the art of the video call. Additionally, a new way to deliver healthcare is thriving, and that “new way” is providing medical advice via telehealth.

Even though COVID numbers are on the decline, the desire for telemedicine continues to increase. Your practice has likely implemented some form of virtual care, such as video appointments or virtual nurse triage. In doing so, you or your patients have probably encountered the inevitable connection errors and hyperlink failures. Technology can be helpful and convenient when it works, but it can be frustrating and discouraging if it fails. The key to implementing a successful telemedicine system is to provide your patients with the tools they need to complete a video appointment with minimal interruptions.

Education is crucial when helping your patients learn how they can successfully troubleshoot issues that may arise during a virtual consultation. Anytime Pediatrics has developed online and printable tools that can assist your practice in delivering valuable information about virtual care to your patients. In this blog, we’ll explore how to utilize your social media channels, your practice website, and your patient’s in-office resources to help them develop the confidence they need to complete a worthwhile telehealth appointment. Here are three ways to improve your patients’ telemedicine experience.

Use Social Media to Facilitate Patient Education

Whether your patients and their family are part of the millennial generation or older, they are scrolling through their social media news feeds on a regular basis. As such, social media provides an opportunity for education. You can regularly post information about your telehealth program including:

  • If and when you offer virtual walk-in visits
  • How to sign up for and schedule telemedicine visits
  • Appropriate telemedicine visit types

However, having content to consistently post on social media can be cumbersome. We aim to simplify this process. You can share content from the Anytime Pediatrics website and YouTube and Vimeo channel, including educational tutorials that are available for your convenience.

Integrate Telemedicine Information on Your Website

Your website is an excellent place to advertise your telemedicine services. Patients are directed to your website by search engines and even by your own staff for new patient evaluations. Having a simple, informative landing page can be the difference between patients scheduling with your office or another practice.

Since virtual visits are still in demand, prominently display that you offer telemedicine on the homepage or the main navigation of your website. You should also include the following information on your website:

  • Your practice code
  • How to register
  • How virtual care can be requested (scheduled, on-demand, or both)
  • Which visits are best suited for telemedicine

Anytime Pediatrics offers marketing support, including website landing pages to help simplify this process.

Utilize Marketing Materials to Enhance In-Office Education

We can’t forget that there are still patients coming into your office, and it’s important to ensure that all staff members are knowledgeable about the availability of telemedicine and its uses. You can display posters and handout brochures promoting the telehealth services you provide.

Digital signage can also effectively advertise your virtual services. You can use television and computer monitors to display information about appointment types, how to schedule telemedicine appointments, and what types of appointments are appropriate for virtual consultations. In doing so, you will be encouraging your patients to consider telemedicine when appropriate. Anytime Pediatrics offers ongoing patient marketing materials to assist you in these educational opportunities.

Take the Next Step with Anytime Pediatrics

In order for telemedicine to truly be successful within your pediatric practice, your patients must be aware of the technology and understand how to use it. To ensure they are prepared, develop a patient-centered approach to engagement and education. You can easily utilize the tools that Anytime Pediatrics has developed for your convenience. In doing so, your patients will have a productive and successful experience with their telehealth appointments.

Are you ready to improve your patients’ experiences with telemedicine appointments? For more information, contact us today and request a consultation!