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Continuing the Legacy of Telemedicine: 3 Ways to Keep Your Patients Connected to You

By April 16, 2023May 24th, 2024No Comments

A few years ago, the idea of receiving virtual healthcare was akin to a dystopian feature film: Plausible in theory but unlikely for many services. It seemed like most medical practices were years away from implementing a user-friendly telehealth system.

However, COVID-19 showed that telemedicine is not only attainable, it’s actually preferable in many situations. Virtual appointments have become convenient and cost-effective alternatives to in-person office visits for patients, their families, and the healthcare system. Telemedicine has proven to be beneficial in the following ways.

  • Allowing healthcare to be more accessible to those in rural areas
  • Providing busy parents with the option to have their children evaluated outside of an emergency room or urgent care setting
  • Giving pediatricians the opportunity to increase their appointment openings without upping their time in the office

While you may be witnessing healthcare facilities in your area lifting pandemic restrictions like masking, we are willing to bet that the option for virtual appointments will remain in demand. You have likely implemented into your daily practice a form of telehealth, a service that can be utilized during office hours and in the after-hours setting. As technology progresses and virtual platforms become more streamlined, let’s explore how you can remain connected to your patients and continue to provide them with this valuable and in-demand service.

Is Your Current Telemedicine Platform Allowing You to Streamline Virtual Patient Care?

The first question to ask yourself is if your current platform is meeting your office’s needs. Not only that, but is it HIPAA compliant? Is it user-friendly? Are your patients able to easily connect to their visits?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, then your practice could benefit from the efficient Anytime Pediatrics virtual care services. Anytime Pediatrics provides a landing page for your website. This allows your patients the ability to familiarize themselves with your virtual platform before utilizing it. That makes all the difference when it comes to efficiency and ease of use.

Our system optimizes mobile apps and offers customizable workflows for both your scheduling department and healthcare providers. It allows you to send an instant link welcoming your patient to connect at their appointment time. In addition, our platform provides the option for families to create their own profile and invite another individual to the appointment. This is perfect for times when both parents want to be present at the appointment but are separated by other obligations!

Is Your Medical Exchange Keeping Your Patients Connected to You?

We recommend evaluating the effectiveness of your medical exchange in the same manner that we suggest assessing your virtual platform. Ask yourself the following questions: Does my after-hours exchange reduce emergency room visits? Is my medical exchange able to assess and treat patient symptoms? Does my medical exchange allow me to find time to rest and recover from the busy demands of my everyday practice?

Anytime After Hours meets all of these criteria and is available during evenings, weekends, and holidays. Registered nurses who have at least five years of emergency room experience are able to triage your patients using the widely acclaimed Schmitt-Thompson protocols. In addition, our nurses can offer reassurance and remedies by simply converting a telephone call into a video triage. Utilizing Anytime After Hours decreases unnecessary emergency room visits and helps patients stay within the medical home while simultaneously giving them the opportunity to obtain their care from your practice.

How Can an After-Visit Summary Facilitate Patient Connection?

After-visit summaries are the caveat to an office visit, especially virtual ones, because information can easily get lost in translation. Giving your patients the ability to access what you discussed at their appointment can ensure their compliance and accuracy in implementing your recommended treatment plan.

After-visit summaries allow patients to have written instructions of any medication changes, recommended follow-up timeframes, and additional education on their diagnoses. Overall, after-visit summaries help combat information overload. Parents can simply print out their child’s summary, hang it on the fridge for easy reference, and thereby reduce the number of callbacks to verify what was said during their appointment.

When you partner with Anytime Pediatrics, you’ll never have to worry about after-visit summaries. Our telehealth platform is committed to enhancing your provider-to-patient communications by offering after-visit summaries with every visit!

Take the Next Step with Anytime Pediatrics

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