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Child-Friendly Care: 4 Ways Anytime Telehealth Enhances the Pediatric Patient Experience

pediatrician with patient and caregiver

When it comes to finding a pediatric telehealth solution that works for your practice, it’s important that the platform is convenient and cost-effective. But another crucial consideration is a user experience that lends itself to child-friendly care.

As the years pass and technology progresses, patients and their parents are becoming more familiar with the intricacies of virtual appointments while platforms are becoming more streamlined. As a result, there are many options to choose from when implementing telehealth services. However, Anytime Pediatrics is the most family-friendly pediatric telehealth solution for your practice!

How Does Our Pediatric Telehealth Solution Provide Child-Friendly Care?

At Anytime, our pediatric virtual care solution is convenient and comprehensive for parents and their children. Here are four ways Anytime Pediatrics enhances the patient experience.

1. Convenient for Busy Families

Traditional in-office appointments usually require parents to take time off work and for their children to miss school, which can increase financial and academic challenges. Parents have a limited amount of sick leave and paid time off, while kids’ attendance at school needs to remain a priority. When parents have sick kids, they are missing work or working from home while simultaneously caring for their sick children. Anytime a patient is waiting for an evaluation, that means delaying the parent’s return to work and their child’s return to school.

One of the most compelling benefits of our pediatric telehealth solution is the convenience of providing appointments before and after school and work, minimizing the stressors that come with juggling schedules. For example, you can offer virtual visits early in the morning before families start their regular day. This allows parents to make an informed decision about sending their child to school or making alternative plans if kids need to stay home. In addition, making video appointments available late in the afternoon or early evening is helpful for families who are busy with school, work, and nighttime extracurricular activities.

2. Comprehensive Medical Care

When using our pediatric telehealth solution, you have the opportunity to provide comprehensive medical care by observing children in their own environments. As the primary provider, you can see social and economic determinants of health. You might hear informative noises in the background, observe interactions with siblings, or see concerning activity, like family members who smoke or drink.

Plus, many young patients are more likely to open up more when they are comfortable in their own space. For example, a child might express how frustrating a sibling’s behavior can be. When they experience this challenge in real time as the sibling intrudes into your session, you can watch them practice the skills you’ve taught and offer professional feedback. If something doesn’t work, you can see how it doesn’t work and brainstorm alternative recommendations with the child. A positive example is virtually meeting the family’s pets or seeing the youngster’s room or treasured possessions. This contributes to patients feeling supported and increases the likelihood they will express their symptoms.

3. Accommodating for Working Parents

With our pediatric telehealth solution, parents are less likely to miss work because of sick kids. Patients are able to check in for doctor appointments from the comfort of their own homes and do not have to worry about fluctuating gas prices or public transportation. Telemedicine can facilitate complex care by making it easier for multiple specialists to join a video visit when needed.

In addition to limiting gas costs and travel time, parents do not have to be in the same location to attend the same appointment. For example, one parent can be at work while the other is at home. Mom just got off work and is 45 minutes from your office? No problem. She can open the app on her smartphone and connect with you. Dad’s away on business but wants to be involved with the appointment? He can attend virtually, which allows you to provide family-centered care. Telehealth offers this flexibility to meet patients where they are.

4. Available for Various Appointment Types

Our pediatric telehealth solution is a convenient and accommodating way to manage patient care. Your practice can offer telemedicine for many different appointment types. These include:

  • Patients who need a prescription refill
  • Families who have questions about their child’s medications
  • Children who have developed a new, non-emergency symptom
  • Kids who are experiencing a non-emergency side effect to a medication
  • Parents who are scheduling a routine follow-up they’ve discussed with you during a previous encounter
  • Patients who need a simple follow-up after starting a new medication
  • Children who need a school release to return to school

Take the Next Step with Anytime Pediatrics

The role of telemedicine will continue to grow while offering providers the ability to maintain excellent patient care. With our pediatric telehealth solution, you can enhance your patients’ experience by making their healthcare easily accessible, truly convenient, and always reliable. To request a consultation, contact Anytime Pediatrics today!