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Telehealth Insights

Implementation of Your Pediatric Telehealth Solution

The Pediatrician’s Guide to Seamless Virtual Visits


Does the thought of adding a pediatric telehealth solution into an already bustling office environment feel overwhelming? Just remember: A busy pediatrician created Anytime Pediatrics for busy pediatricians. As a result, we understand that new services not only need to be convenient for patients, but also user-friendly for providers and office staff. We are confident that Anytime Pediatrics encompasses these elements and more.

Our telemedicine platform is the optimal pediatric telehealth solution. It has multiple features that make virtual appointments seamless and effective. In this blog, we’re exploring seven practical ways to conduct successful virtual visits with Anytime Telehealth — all while maximizing your pediatric practice’s partnership with Anytime Pediatrics!

1. Use Instant Invite

Connecting to telehealth appointments can sometimes be challenging. With our pediatric telehealth solution, you’re able to text or email patients a secure appointment link. You can do this simply by searching for their name in the Anytime Pediatrics app and selecting the “instant invite” button. Your patient then receives a code on their device, and they enter it to join the virtual appointment. Our service is HIPAA compliant, and the code is valid for one hour.

2. Schedule Your Preferred Telemedicine Practice Hours

Our pediatric telehealth solution lets you customize telemedicine hours that fit your needs. There are three different modes on the application.


    This is best for lunch times, when the office is closed, or when providers are not available to conduct appointments. Patients will not be able to schedule a visit during these hours.


    This indicates to your patients that you are available for appointments. An ‘active button’ will appear, and your current patients can request an appointment during your pre-determined telemedicine hours.


    This service allows folks who are not currently patients to virtually locate your practice code and request an appointment through the app, much like they would utilize an urgent care.

3. Take Advantage of Third-Party Invite

One of the perks of our pediatric telehealth solution is that visits can occur from anywhere at any time. Anytime Pediatrics has enhanced this concept by offering a third-party invite. This feature allows you to add a specialist physician, another healthcare professional, such as a lactation consultant, or a caregiver who is in another location, like Mom or Dad being away on a business trip. Any of these individuals can join the virtual visit when you simply select “invite” and enter their email.

4. View Clinical Notes and Images from Previous Visits

Continuity of care is an essential aspect in providing excellent patient care. Our pediatric telehealth solution makes reviewing your patient’s past medical history and history of present illness accessible by integrating with previous visits. You will be able to:

  • Review clinical and administrative notes
  • Download or review files and images that were shared during the encounter (Please note: If the patient or the provider did not share files or images, this button will not appear on the visit summary.)
  • Download the entire visit summary into a PDF document
  • Download the chat history
  • Copy the visit details to the clipboard
  • Mark the visit as checked to indicate the encounter has been reviewed

5.  Chat via the Clinician Waiting Room Messenger

It’s inevitable that you’ll occasionally run late for appointments. One patient is sicker than anticipated or has a more complex chief complaint than is noted in the appointment comments. Patients and their parents have planned this visit around other commitments and can become frustrated when they are left waiting without direction. Our one-way chat feature allows providers to update patients on the status of their appointment and anticipated wait times, which improves patient satisfaction.

6. Use Scheduled and On-Demand Appointments as Appropriate

Our pediatric telehealth solution offers you the ability to customize your schedule. Not only can you achieve this through appointment times, but also through visit types. Our service offers two types of appointments: On-demand and scheduled.


    Any patient who’s registered with your practice can request an appointment during this block of time. All available clinicians will then receive a notification that a patient has entered the waiting room.


    All users with the practice code (current patients), can schedule a virtual appointment in an “open” appointment slot on a provider’s schedule. This feature is also available to office staff and nurses who are triaging phone calls and have determined that a call needs to be routed to a provider.

7. Provide a Live Interpreter if Needed

Since more than 40 million people in the United States primarily speak Spanish, there is a high likelihood that you will have a patient who needs a translator during an appointment. Anytime Pediatrics offers an interpreter service with these patients in mind. You can initiate this feature within the app at the time of check-in. Once a translator is connected, they remain on the line until the call is disconnected. Patients are able to have a translator with them from check-in until check-out and also when they are scheduling a follow-up appointment.


Anytime Pediatrics continues to be a streamlined and full-service pediatric telehealth solution for your practice. When you partner with us, your virtual services will be seamless and effective. To request a consultation, contact us today!