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Not Your Typical Telehealth Company

Anytime Pediatrics connects patients to the pediatricians they trust most. And we do it in a way that is convenient and cost-effective for everyone. So, whether you’re a patient or a provider, Anytime Pediatrics delivers the smart technology solution you need for quality pediatric care —

anytime, anywhere.

Why Telemedicine?


Three quarters of parents who have used telemedicine for their children say the experience was better than an in-person office visit.

Nemours Children’s Health System


The average ER visit takes about 4 hours and costs more than $1,200, versus an Anytime Pediatrics virtual visit, which takes an average of 15 minutes and costs less than $100.



Nearly 75% of all doctor, urgent care, and ER visits “are either unnecessary or could be handled safely and effectively over the phone or video.”

American Medical Association and Wellness Council of America

Feedback has only been positive. Patients and parents have had no problems signing up, they love it! I'm having a lot of fun - I'm glad that this horrible crisis has forced me to embrace a new way of practicing medicine, and I'm grateful that I found a partner in this endeavor that was as quick, helpful, easy to work with and responsive as you guys.

John Dallenbach, MD, FAAPEast Elm Pediatrics, Pittsfield, MA

The Anytime Pediatrics platform is so much better for me, my coordinators and the patient than the platform we used previously for telemedicine.

A mom recently requested a visit and had some challenges (she really just didn’t understand how to use her phone), but with the texting feature on the platform, we were able to get her going in 15 minutes. Had it been on our previous telemedicine platform, the same interaction would have taken 45 minutes to an hour, and the mom would have likely given up on Telemedicine and been on her way to a retail clinic.

Naomi Zilkha, MDLead Physician, Dept. of Telemedicine at Allied Physicians Group

It was really nice not having to bring my three kids to the ER late at night. The doctor was wonderful. He even followed up with me.

Elisa, parent

Anytime Pediatrics offers a smart combination of telemedicine technology and my telephone triage protocols. I’m excited to be working with Anytime Pediatrics to help parents, pediatricians and pediatric nurses interact in cost-effective, innovative ways.

Dr. Bart Schmitt, Schmitt Pediatric Guidelines LLC

This was so much better than going to the ER. The on-call nurse said we needed to be seen, but we weren’t sure. You really put us at ease.

Mother in Memphis TN

Anytime Pediatrics is taking telemedicine in a new direction.

Dr. Anastasia, physician partner

Anytime Pediatrics is a 'win' for all involved – patient, family, primary care provider, and the healthcare system as a whole. The model leverages the widespread use of technology to observe the child and discuss next steps with the family, all with lesser costs (not just financial) for the family and the system, while maintaining their connection to the medical home.

Chris Pruitt, MD
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